Formosan Mountain Dog Rescue -

CERA is a group of dedicated volunteers working for the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Taiwan and the British Columbia lower mainland. Since 2008 our volunteers have supported Ocean Dog Rescue ODR through fundraising, education programs, fostering, and home/reference checks for over three hundred dogs & their new families. Formosan Mountain Dogs. 152 likes · 3 talking about this. he Formosan Mountain Dog or Formosan is a breed or landrace of small or medium dog indigenous. The Formosan Mountain Dog is a medium-sized dog with large "bat" ears and a pointed tail. The head is triangular. Regular sessions of obedience, dog sports, jogs, and walks will help to keep the Formosan healthy. Behavior / temperament: The Formosan Mountain Dog has a well-developed sense of sight and smell along with a strong sense of direction.

History - Formosan Mountain Dog for Sale The Formosan Mountain Dog is most often known as the Taiwan dog and it is a landrace indigenous to Taiwan. It is a small to medium breed of dog that was semi-wild at one time. Sep 30, 2012- For more breed info and cool resources for dogs and their owners in San Francisco, check out the following link: /TaiwanDogs. See. The Formosan Mountain Dog is a very energetic and athletic breed which has substantial exercise requirements. This dog should receive an absolute minimum of an hour of vigorous physical activity every day, and more would be preferable. Here is a little about the Formosan Mountain Dogs which these street dogs are descended from. Salty Dog Rescue is the Seattle group, which brought Ali over here. They have a list of dogs up for adoption and who need foster homes. They also have links to articles on the animal abuse in Taiwan.

A kind lady who works nearby found them and built a small shelter out of paper boxes and kept a close eye on them. The lady is very sad as she cannot take them home. She tried very hard to post their story on facebook and hoped that someone can bring rescue them and find them loving homes. Weeks went by and still they were left homeless. Sung Yung-Yi spearheaded the efforts to save the Formosan Sika Deer from extinction, and began calling for government sponsored efforts to save the Formosan Mountain Dog at a conference in 1976$1.Dr. Sung Yung-Yi had become concerned about the breed’s future after his team of researchers had great difficulty locating purebred specimens during a study conducted between 1976 and 1980. The Formosan Mountain Dog puppies for sale are a piece of Taiwanese history. They share many of the characteristics of its native land. The Formosan Mountain Dog is a survivor that thrives. No one will have to tell you that this is an ancient breed. The Formosan Mountain Dog puppies for sale are a primitive in appearance breed.

Mochi is a 1-2 year old female that we got from a rescue group in Taiwan. She is half Doberman and half unknown breed but we think it could be Formosan Mountain Dog which is common in that country. Mochi was born in a rural area but she wasn't in a safely confined area.

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